Training and Socialization

Beagles can be devilish characters so it’s essential to begin positive, reward-based preparation at the earliest opportunity to keep them from getting unfortunate propensities.

They are shrewd canines and are known to be wilful so you will require a firm however reasonable demeanor when preparing – as usual, consistency is critical. In the event that you’re not an accomplished coach or are a first-time canine proprietor, at that point you ought to request the assistance of a licensed mentor.


Your Beagle will require in any event 90 minutes of activity daily. We’d suggest a blend of strolling and running for this. What’s more, they’ll likewise require recess, preparing, and spare time in a safe nursery.

Beagles are fragrance dogs, so they’ll truly appreciate playing aroma games with you and finding the opportunity to utilize their sharp feeling of smell. 

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