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Get a great experience of this breed of puppies currently on all shots and vaccines all our pups are warm up to date.

Who We Are

We are passionate breeders and lovers of  Beagle puppies with 5 years of experience and we specialize in producing Beagle puppies with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma, and temperament. Our champion lined puppies are available in the following standard colours: fawn, black brindle, pied, and white. We’ve also bred exotic coloured beagle such as lilac, blue, and chocolate. The exotic colours are in very high demand. Most breeders that breed for these colours overlook the standard, health, and conformation. Fur colour maybe an even as small factor of the entire makeup of our dogs. We have sourced the world for the simplest and most wanted bloodlines in each breed. Over the past decade, we have developed those lines to create some of the most breathtaking Beagle!


Beagle puppies a low-maintenance medium-sized, and good-natured dog breed. They are friendly, curious, and intelligent companions with different characters and loving disposition. Beagle Puppies are actual friends for family members. However, incredibly headstrong and mischievous — sometimes pointedly disregarding commands when they believe they can get away with it. If you train perfectly, then Beagle dog can be satisfying.

Beagle puppies mind to be powerful dogs, more likely to physical damage than a medical condition. This is a unique, obstinate breed that needs a partner who can save them out of care while still presenting them with the practice and thinking stimulation they need.

Appoint a brand-new puppy into your house should be a joyful moment, but if you purchase a puppy from the wrong grower, The purchasing method can sometimes be annoying, and, in some examples, The puppy may die. This may appear overly exciting, but we are very conscious of the best numbers of puppy farmers, pet shops, and business breeders who are only involved in getting money out of puppies. If you buy a beagle from a pet market, you don,t  have any idea Where the dog was born, what environment it was raised in, it would be desirable to use it.

Puppy operators have no care for the natural or mental health of both their breeding stock. They will execute no attempt to breed for good quality or concerning possible genetic mistakes. You can quickly get puppies at low prices through the internet, but you know? Most puppies will grow up in horrible conditions on farms. Puppies that are sick should not be kept with you and your family because they can carry germs. So we urge you to choose the right dog.

Why Choose Our Puppies!

A healthy, happy puppy has clear and bright eyes. There should be no problem with the eyes, ears, and nose. Sweet-smelling and confidently with excellent health. A healthy, happy puppy does not have a sign of parasites on the body. Beagles generally have happy, unusual, outgoing characters. Avoid any puppy that seems nervous. Never buy a  sick puppy because you feel sorry because it is challenging to get away from a tragic event. A good grower does not allow bad puppies.



All our puppies come with registration documents, health guarantee, recent shots, crate and more.

white beagle puppy

Shipping: Available
Breed: Beagle Puppy
Sex: Male
Price: $850.00
INCLUDES: registration, health guarantee, shot record, crate with the shipment. 

beagle for sale

Shipping: Available
Breed: Beagle Puppy
Sex: Female
Price: $1000.00
INCLUDES: registration, health guarantee, shot record, crate with the shipmeent.

beagle for sale

Shipping: Available
Breed: Beagle Puppy
Sex: Male
Price: $900.00
INCLUDES: registration, health guarantee, shot record, crate with the shipment.


After purchasing your favorite Beagle puppy, you should contact your local veterinary surgeon for vaccination. This usually varies with the type of vaccine used but should not be taken until your puppy has completed its first course, where the other dog was. Short trips are needed to get used to the new sounds and sights. Wrap your puppy in a blanket while traveling and carry it safely in your arms. Maximum vaccines need a yearly booster, and allowed boarding runs need confirmation that this has kept up to time. We do all these activities for your well-being, considering your overall well-being.


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I just wanted to drop you a letter and say thanks for blessing our family with a little angel. He has settled in and bonded quite well I’ve had a lot of different breeds and this is my first beagle. I can’t believe that I have been missing out on it. He is the most sweet adorable and lovable little pet thanks a lot

Jane Foster, NY

beagle puppy

"Milo is such an amazing addition to our family. He is adorable and everyone loves him. He was very easy to potty train and he rings a bell when he needs to go out. He is perfect size. Beagle puppy pet shop was great and we were very pleased with our experience with them. I would highly recommend."

Veronica Cullen, MH

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